the 150th Issue: Cisco-Huawei Dispute Could Threaten Cisco's Expansion into Chinese Markets --- China Intellectual Property

the 150th Issue: Cisco-Huawei Dispute Could Threaten Cisco's Expansion into Chinese Markets

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Cisco is fighting back against comments made by Huawei Senior Vice President Charles Ding last month. Ding claims that an earlier lawsuit that claimed Huawei had stolen Cisco’s source code and used it in its own products was unjustified... More
In the narrative of U.S. presidential politics, China is a Hollywood villain, a monetary cheat that is stealing American jobs... More
China and its trading partners need to tread carefully in this minefield
    Protecting intellectual property rights has been a contentious topic in international commerce since the first Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property in 1883. It became a more heated topic when the United States pushed it into negotiations on the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in the mid-1980s...

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· Patent auction in China Issue 50, By Kevin Nie, Jessie Chen, China IP,[Patent]
With the growing economic and technological strengths of China, a large number of scientific and technological achievements can be seen emerging. At the same time, China’s patent industry has seen rapid development as well... More
· Views on patent auction  Issue 50,China IP,[Patent]
Obstacles 1 Rebecca_2012: Evaluating the value of patent is a major challenge. Unlike the auction of antiques, whose value can be estimated based on knowledge of its authenticity, age and quality, the value of a patent can not be subjected to a unified standard... More
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