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With the rapid growth of knowledge-based economy and quickened development of world economic integration, the amount of transnational IP application and dispute have both increased, which means the demand for corresponding IP services has soared dramatically... More
Traditional religious images can be copyrighted if they contain "innovative elements" created by artists, according to a recent Beijing court ruling that found sculptor Huang Quanfu owns the rights to a wood sculpture design for Maitreya - the so-called fat smiling Buddha... More
More than a year after eight Chinese writers jointly filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc for copyright infringement, Beijing No 2 Intermediate People’s Court began hearing the case on Oct 11...

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In the final analysis, a patent auction is also a transfer process of legal rights, and a patent transfer process is inseparable from intellectual property legal work. As one of the undertakers of the patent auctions organized by China Technology Exchange (CTEX) and the only intellectual property legal service provider, Unitalen Attorneys at Law (Unitalen) provides IP legal support in the whole auction process... More
· R&D staff: patent transfer —new enthusiasm of "scientific geek"  Issue 50,by Jessie Chen, China IP,[Patent]
For a long time, scientific research staffs have been labeled as "scientific geeks." However, inventor Luo Haiyong subverted this image completely with his personal charisma... More
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