the 166th Issue: Four China IP regulations effective from March 1 --- China Intellectual Property

the 166th Issue: Four China IP regulations effective from March 1

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  Four China IP Regulations relating to copyright protection, information network dissemination, computer software and new varieties of plants came into force on March 1, 2013, wherein the administrative penalties can reach RMB250,000... More
On March 2, Chinese industrial giant Sany Group (Sany) announced on a press conference that its core request of the lawsuit against the U.S. President Obama and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CIFUS) filed by its subsidiary Ralls Corp had been accepted. Experts called this case a milestone,... More
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Recently, the right to secondary remuneration has been one of the hot topics under discussion for revision in Chinese Copyright Law. In the second draft revision of the Copyright Law (second draft revision), Article 17, Paragraph 3 states that “...The original author, screenwriter, director, lyricist and composer shall have the right to receive a reasonable payment from any other person who uses such audiovisual work.”... More
· The 3rd China IP Annual Forum —— prestigious event for In-house IP managers in China Issue 52, By Zhou Bo, Judge of the IP Division of the Beijing Higher People’s Court,[Trademark]
The 3rd China IP Annual Forum was successfully concluded on January 10th, 2013 in Beijing. The forum, which is a prestigious event for Chinese in-house IP managers, was jointly hosted by China IP magazine and IPR Channel of China Daily Website...More
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