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the Third Issue

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 3 Foward       Subscription    June 18, 2009
Top News
·Harry Potter publisher denies plagiarism claim
    LONDON - Bloomsbury Publishing Plc on Monday denied allegations that author J.K. Rowling copied "substantial parts" of a book by another children's author when she wrote "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

·China owns 600,000 geographical indication trademarks for agricultural products
   The Beijing High People's Court rendered its final decision on Swarovski's allegation of Beijing Swarov Wedding Photo's infringement of its trademarks and act of unfair competition, rejecting the appeal of Beijing Swarov and upholding the first instance decision of the Beijing No.2 Intermediate People's Court. 

·HK: 2 arrested for 'top-site' piracy

   Hong Kong Customs officers have arrested two members of an international piracy syndicate using high-speed Internet servers for distributing infringing items, and seized computer equipment worth about $34,000.  
·Flu Vaccine Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance inaugurated in Beijing    
  The S&T Group of Joint Prevention & Control Mechanism in Response to AH1N1 Influenza held the Influenza Vaccine Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance Inaugural Meeting in Beijing on June 4th, 2009.

VM Cao meets with representatives of countries to UNESCO
·Patents are a Virtue in China's Intellectual Property Boom
·CAVCA brings an accusation against 8 song halls paying no royalties

China IP Articles

·Baixiang v. Baijia, a Seesaw Battle of Intellectual Property  (Issue 29 By Doris Li)
Intellectual property disputes are nothing but common between business competitors. In July 2007, when Henan Zhenglong Food Co., Ltd. (Baixiang) entered the instant rice noodle market, it became a rival of Sichuan Baijia Food Co., Ltd. (Baijia), which had been in that market for seven or eight years.

·Continued Efforts on Judicial IP Enforcement—An interview with Kong Xiangjun 
(Issue 29 By Liu Rong)
On March 9, 2009, Judge Kong Xiangjun was invited to the People's Daily Online, for a face-to-face netizen dialog on how the courts protect intellectual properties (IP). Thereafter, Judge Kong was interviewed by China IP and the IP Channel of the People’s Daily Online to discuss widely concerned issues involving the judicial certification of well-known trademark and antitrust cases.


·Swarovski enforces right against free rider

·Baijia sues OKAI over trademark infringement


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