"Punitive Damages to be Awarded" For Stronger IPR Protection--the 353th Issue --- China Intellectual Property

"Punitive Damages to be Awarded" For Stronger IPR Protection--the 353th Issue

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On March 5, the First Session of the 13th National People’s Congress convened in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing... More
1. The favorable copyright policies in anew era are continuously released... More
The recently unveiled guidelines for improving the trial procedures of intellectual property rights (IPR) cases in China have great realistic significance and far-reaching historic influence... More
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·Legal Application of Good Faith Principle in Civil Procedure - Ganten Food and Drink Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen v. P.E.T Packaging
Issue 82, By Shang Jiangang, Judge of Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, [Comprehensive Reports]
"Misstatements and other dishonest behaviors that misuse the right of action are seriously damaging... More
·The Judicial Protection of Enterprise Names — Conflict with the Registered Trademarks
Issue 82, By Robin Su and Kun Zhou, Lusheng Law Firm, [Trademark]
The fact that enterprise names and registered trademarks can both indicate the origin of goods or services and are generally considered as an intangible intellectual property right... More
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