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Qualcomm Releases License Fee Standard of Related 5G Patent
In the late of November, Qualcomm released its license fee standard for related 5G patent. In one of its announcement, Qualcomm said that its charging standard will be guided by the principle of fairness, rational and non-discrimination, following the intellectual property rights policy of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and in accordance with industrial practice. Qualcomm said that 5G patent royalty fee will be charged with a fixed proportion in accordance with prices of the equipment. Qualcomm also stated that changes in related standard, patent portfolio and intellectual property right policy may result in the changes in patent authorization standard in the future.
CCTV Wins Exclusive Full Media Copyrights from FIFA in Its 17 Events in China Mainland
On November 7, CCTV, together with FIFA, convened a launching ceremony for their new round cooperation and announced that CCTV won exclusive full media copyrights from FIFA in broadcasting its events in China mainland from 2018 to 2022. It's reported that this contract including 17 events such as 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup, the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup and so on. Peng Jianming, the deputy editor-in-chief of CCTV, during the launching ceremony said that FIFA has a group of firm fans in China, and in the coming two World Cup periods, CCTV will continue to expand its investment in providing a free high-quality TV broadcasting service for Chinese soccer fans via full media.
Heng Bao Wins the 50 Million Patent Infringement Case on USB Key
In early November, the Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO (Patent Reexamination Board) issued a decision that the patent right for the invention No. ZL200510105502.1 applied by Beijing Watchdata Technologies Co., Ltd. (Watchdata) is partially invalidated, then there i s no suspense that Watchdata would lose its lawsuit against HengBao Co. , Ltd . (Heng Bao ) in the infringement case claiming 50 million compensation. Then, Beijing Higher People’s Court made a final judgement which repelled the previous judgement handed down by Beijing Intellectual Property Court and also dismissed the prosecution of Watchdata. As a listed company, the final win of the case will redeem the reputation of HengBao which have made reputation damage during the defeat in the first trial.
Victory for Rouse and Lusheng as Criminal Sentences for Babyzen Counterfeiters Upheld in Shanghai
Babyzen, a leading French manufacturer of baby strollers, has won a criminal case against counterfeiters in China. The Shanghai Minhang Court found infringers guilty of knowingly sourcing and selling counterfeit copies of Babyzen’s popular ‘yoyo’ strollers via an online retail platform. The defendants were sentenced on October 10th to four years’ imprisonment and a fine of 1.5million Yuan (225,000 USD) - a heavy financial penalty and one of the first such cases to result in a custodial sentence in China. Rouse, a leading global IP consultancy, together with its associated law firm Lusheng in China, advised Babyzen on the case.
Huaduo Judged to Compensate NetEase RMB 20 Million Yuan for Infringing the Copyright of Fantasy Westward Journey II
On November 13, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court made judgement of first instance about copyright infringement and unfair competition dispute case appealed by Guangzhou NetEase Computer System Co., Ltd. (NetEase). The court finally ruled that the defendant Guangzhou Huaduo Network Science Co., Ltd. (Huaduo) has infringed copyright of NetEase, and should stop propagating related game screens of electronic game Fantasy Westward Journey through network and compensate NetEase 20 million Yuan for economical loss and also rejected other appeals of NetEase. The case has been intensively concerned by IP field for 3 years. After announcement of first instance, it arouse hot discussion of infringement definition about network game live content in this industry again.
Tencent Launches New Logo and Font Design
On November 15, Tencent applied the new logo and released new fonts design which will include more than 7,000 Chinese characters and italic fonts of Japanese, Latin and English. These new fonts not only reflect confidence and dream of Tencent leading technological trend, but also express brand trait of Tencent externally during operation process of products and service, and through fonts pass brand character on to users. They will be applied in Chinese logo design and all propaganda titles of each brands under Tencent, which helps Tencent unify brand concept and spirit around the world and provide consistent brand identified system.
Qualcomm Signs Chip Purchase Memorandum with Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo
On November 9, in the dialogue of China-America entrepreneurs, present enterprises signed several cooperation agreements under witness of two countries’ heads. Qualcomm signed Non-Binding Purchase Intention Memorandum with three China mobile manufactures Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo and will sell components and parts to above manufactures in next 3 years with value of 12 billion USD. Qualcomm always provides support for China mobile ecological system and gradually expands its investment and project scale in China and established many branch companies and R&D centers in Guizhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen etc. 
58.com Makes An Appeal Denying Copying Information from the Website of ICNKR
Beijing Intellectual Property Court accepted a second trial case in which appellant (original trial defendant), Beijing 58 information technology Co. Ltd. (58) accuses appellee (plaintiff in the first trial), Qingdao Hanhua Net Media Co.Ltd. (Hanhua), of unfair competition due to copying and infringing website information of Hanhua. The court of First Instance affirmed that behaviors of 58 are subjectively malicious and constitute an act of unfair competition. Therefore, The court of First Instance declared its judgement that 58 should compensate economic loss of 6 million Yuan to Hanhua and another 10,000 expenditures. 58 refused to accept the judgement and appealed to Beijing IP Court requesting to overturn the judgement of the court of First Instance. At present, the case is under further hearing.

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