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Alibaba and China-UK Business Group Expand Brand Protection
E-commerce platform Alibaba and the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) have strengthened their efforts to enhance IP protections for UK-based entities. On November 22, Alibaba announced that CEO of the UK Intellectual Property Office, Tim Moss, and Alibaba’s chief platform governance officer, Jessie Zheng, witnessed the signing of an agreement to build on the parties’ three-year partnership. As part of the agreement, there will be an increased amount of training for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as larger entities, on the processes for removing IP-infringing listings. The agreement is also expected to “enhance pre-emptive measures to stop infringing content from appearing online, and strengthen offline cross-border law enforcement cooperation”.
China and U. S . Crack Transnational IPR Infringement Crime 
China and the U.S have cracked a transnational IPR infringement case, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced on November 8. The MPS busted seven dens manufacturing, marketing and distributing counterfeit products and seized more than 3,000 fake brand-name leather products, bags and suitcases, glasses, watches and accessories. A total of 36 suspects were arrested in the crackdown, who had sold fake products for more than 15.1 million USD. China and the U.S have maintained communication and cooperation on cross-border IPR infringement crime in recent years, and will maintain zero tolerance on transnational crime, according to the MPS.
Beijing Zhongguancun District Aims to Become China's Leading AI Player
Zhongguancun Science Park's administrative committee recently released an industrial incubation plan to promote the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. Known as China's Silicon Valley and a national-level high-tech demonstration zone, Zhongguancun has been making efforts in promoting its AI industry in recent years. By 2020, Zhongguancun is expected to form an AI super group that will encourage international competitiveness. Official statistics show that there're currently 250 artificial intelligence enterprises with over 7,800 patents in Zhongguancun, both ranking the first place in China. Additionally, 42.9 percent of China's AI entrepreneurial enterprises are also from Zhongguancun.
Jian Wang Action 2017 Gaines Periodical Achievements Released by National Copyright Administration
On November 24, National Copyright Administration of the P.R.C introduced its progress made in “Jian Wang Action 2017” in Beijing. Since “Jian Wang Action 2017” has been carried out, it has inspected more than 55,000 websites, closed 1,655 infringed and pirated websites, started and investigated 314 Internet infringement cases, finished 37 criminal cases together with police department with 69 million Yuan of involved value. Since 2005, “Jian Wang Action” has been carried out for 13 years. Up till now, “Jian Wang Action” has investigated a total number of 5,560 Internet cases, and significantly cracked down infringed and pirated behaviors on Internet.
Kobalt Music Enters Into Strategic Licensing And Distribution Deal With Netease In China
On December 4, Kobalt Music and NetEase announced an agreement for the Chinese internet and music service company to license and distribute the Kobalt’s recording catalogs on its streaming platform, NetEase Cloud Music. NetEase will represent more than 600,000 songs and recordings from Kobalt's publishing and master catalogs. This includes the prestigious song catalogs of Paul McCartney (MPL) and Max Martin (MXM). Kobalt and NetEase will work closely to drive increased creative collaboration, development of artists, and enforced copyright protection for Kobalt writers and artists. This partnership will also improve transparency for creators and drive new access to data, reporting, and sustainable pay models.
IP Research Branch of Shanghai Judicial Think-Tank Institute Set up in Shanghai
On November 17, establishment of IP Research Branch of Shanghai Judicial Think-Tank Institute & Ceremony of Professionals Appointment kicked off in Shanghai Municipality Higher People’s Court. As the domestic pioneer, its foundation symbolizes general improvement of think-tank construction of Shanghai IP judicial protection. As chief judge of IP Trial Tribunal of Shanghai Municipality Higher People’s Court, Liu Junhua acts as the president and hosted founding ceremony who expects development direction of this Research Branch in the future: fully play research role of judicial think-tank, provide theoretical support for IP policy decision and expand IP judicial influence and build IP talents cultivating platform through think-tank.
Xiaomi and Nokia Signs Patent Licensing Agreement to Explore Artificial Intelligence 
On December 6, Xiaomi and Nokia announced to sign a Patent Licensing Agreement which includes cross-license of standard patent about cellular network, and Nokia will provide equipment of network infrastructure for Xiaomi. Besides, both sides will explore cooperation potential in AI aspect. In the past, Nokia has signed Patent Licensing Agreement with leading enterprises in mobile phone field, such as Apple and Samsung. While it is the first time for Nokia to achieve licensing agreement with Chinese manufacturer. Now, Xiaomi owns over 4,000 patent and mostly half of them are international patents. At present, Xiaomi attaches more importance to patent acquisition and signing licensing agreement which also reflects Xiaomi to speed up internationalization process laterally.
IP-Silk Road Russian-Chinese IP Center Established in December 17
On December 1 7 , Russia and China established IP-Silk Road Russian-Chinese IP Center in Beijing whose aim is to integrate two countries’ innovative ability. Based on the IP Center, two countries’ inventors can use the database of global brand, gain support of application for invention patent and trademark registration and solve related disputes. It helps us to improve the quality and reliability of patent and effectively settle relevant problems of IP protection, avoid malicious competition and improve the potential of commercialization of technology and invention.

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