WIPO Assemblies 2018 Being Held——the 379th Issue --- China Intellectual Property

WIPO Assemblies 2018 Being Held——the 379th Issue

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The EPO and the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) have agreed on a co-operation programme for 2019 as part of their long-term strategic partnership on strengthening the patent system....... More
On September 17, EPO President António Campinos met with Ministers to discuss how to further strengthen the patent system and support innovation and economic growth. ...... More
Chinese authorities have closed over 4,000 websites and accounts during a three-month clean-up campaign targeting harmful information in online literature works. ...... More
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The Need and the Pain in Evidence Preservation for Internet Corporations ?
By Wang Jie, Legal Affairs Dept,[Internet & Domain]
With the rapid development of Internet business, the online contents formed an explosive increase. ....... More

The Recognition and Protection of Wellknown Trademarks of B&R Countries—Analysis on Turkish BEKO Trademark Infringement and U
ByWang Xiaoming,Ou Lihua,[Trademark]

ZER Central Service Trading Co., Ltd. of Turkey (ZER) is the registrant of Nos. 1301945, 1323880, 1361801, 7022261 and 7022524 for the “BEKO” trademark. ...... ... More
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