the 56th issue:China Remains the Hot Choice for Foreign Investors and New Industries Becoming the New Favorite --- China Intellectual Property

the 56th issue:China Remains the Hot Choice for Foreign Investors and New Industries Becoming the New Favorite

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 56 Forward       Subscription    Oct. 14th, 2010

·Chinese Company Wins the Lawsuit against American Government Organization
After 3-odd years’ efforts, General Protecht Group Inc.(中国通领科技集团) won its lawsuit against ITC through judicial litigation. This is the first time that a Chinese company achieves a complete victory over an American government organization in a lawsuit.

·China Remains the Hot Choice for Foreign Investors and New Industries Becoming the New Favorite
Nearly 0.7 million foreign-funded corporations have been established in China up until July, absorbing $1.05 trillion of FDI, according to the latest news from 14th Fair for Investment and Trade. In terms of the absorption of FDI, China has ranked No.1.

·China Builds Complete Nuclear Industrial System in 55 Years
The year 2010 marks the 55th anniversary of the development of China's nuclear industry. Over the past 55 years, China's nuclear industry has stuck to independent innovations, effectively guaranteed national defense, actively promoted the peaceful utilization of nuclear power and established a new, complete type of nuclear industrial system.More

 ·Nissan and Dongfeng Create New Car Brand
Nissan Motor Co last week unveiled a plan to create an non-Nissan car brand in China with local partner Dongfeng Motor Corp. The joint venture, Dongfeng Motor Co Ltd, plans to make passenger cars under the all-new Venucia brand.More

·8 Breakthroughs of China's Aerospace TT&C      
· Meets with Copyright Problems as it Aims to Get Listed in the USA
·Li Kaifu: Innovation Workshop to Approach One-year Anniversary but Face its Bottleneck
·Job-hopping Leads to Frequent Infringements of Commercial Secrets
·Chinese Acupuncture has Officially Applied for World Intangible Cultural Heritage---Undersecretary of Ministry of Health
·USPTO Draft Strategic Plan for FY 2010-2015
·LG Busted in Russia for Software Piracy
·China's Radiation Protection Earphone Gains Patent of WIPO
·SIPO and DPMA Sign Partnership Agreement
·WIPO: China's Patent Filings Defies Global Slippery Trend
·WIPO Launches New Database to Profile IP Case Studies
·European Parliament Wants EU-wide Copyright Licenses

China IP Articles

·IP Trusteeship Boosts SMEs   Issue 38 By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
With the rapid development of many small and medium enterprises, innovation and intellectual property has greatly increased and gained enormous importance. Since the onset of the financial crisis, many export-oriented enterprises without intellectual property (IP) closed, while those with independent IP were less affected and some experienced growth.More

·Paper Media: Walking on a Hard Path of IP Protection Issue 38 By Doris Li, China IP,[Copyright] 
Beijing News has dug itself into an embarrassing trap. Now confronted with the prospect of having to file 7,706 individual lawsuits, we don’t know whether the paper has the stamina to endure the cumbersome path to protect its rights or not. In the complaint letter submitted to the Supreme People’s Courts it writes, “How unbelievable it is!”More

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