the 142nd Issue: Chinese companies need to know and use their IP rights --- China Intellectual Property

the 142nd Issue: Chinese companies need to know and use their IP rights

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The innovation capacity and intellectual property rights environment of emerging countries, such as China and India, are improving sharply, noted Gan Shaoning, vice-commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office, at an IP forum held last week in Beijing.... More
According to the latest statistics, SIPO received a total of 857,000 patent applications in the first half of this year, up 26.8% year on year. Among the patent applications received, there were 258,000 inventions, up 18.3%;... More
The trial in California of Apple vs Samsung last week reminds us of the importance of Apple’s series of court cases in shaping intellectual property law. It also reminds us of the need to reform one of the most complex areas of common law.... More
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· The IP battle between Qihoo and Tencent steps into a new stage  Issue 49, By Doris Li, Jessie Chen, Jody Lu, Wendy Sun (Reporter Intern), China IP,[Trademark]
In the tablet PC market, Apple has never had any rival before. However, just as the old saying in China goes, it "suffered a great setback due to carelessness." ... More
· The iPad case and analyses from the perspective of China’s Trademark Law   Issue 49,By Doris Li, China IP,[Copyright]
  The year has begun by witnessing Apple and Proview (Shenzhen) vying for the iPad trademark. With high public visibility and pending for a final solution, it will probably turn out to be a classic legal case and a most dramatic case study in corporate intellectual property operation and management... More
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