the 162nd Issue:GE: China now 3rd most innovative country --- China Intellectual Property

the 162nd Issue:GE: China now 3rd most innovative country

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  Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office released a Notice on Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in Specialized Markets. Given that specialized markets are where most commodities are distributed, effective IPR protection in those markets could help crack down upon counterfeit and shoddy products and strengthen the supervision over micro, small and medium-sized enterprises’ IP status, said an official from the Office... More
General Electric Thursday unveils the results of its "2013 Global Innovation Barometer," with China moving up to the third most innovative country, surpassing Japan for the first time... More
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· The disputed secondary remuneration Issue 52, By Zhang Weijun, Head of Tongji Intellectual Property and Competition Law Research Center,[Copyright]
On July 6th 2012, the second draft revision of the Copyright Law (second draft revision) was announced by the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China (NCAC) which stipulates authors’ right of secondary remuneration for their audiovisual works... More
· The right to secondary remuneration should come from contract negotiation rather than statutory provision Issue 52, By Tao Xinliang, Dean of the Intellectual Law School of the Shanghai University,[Copyright]
In the process of the third amendment of China’s Copyright Law, there is strong conviction favoring the right of secondary remuneration from audiovisual works, that is, it should be specifically included in the statutory provision of the third amendment that, whenever a copyright owner of an audiovisual work (such as a producer) authorizes another to use the audiovisual work... More
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