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the 158th Issue: WWF awards for innovative 'Climate Solver China' firms

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The World Wide Fund for Nature announced the four winners of its first Climate Solver China Awards in Beijing last week, the first time it selected winners outside Sweden where the initiative began...
  The newly released "2012 Famous Enterprise Brand Repetitive Rate and Brand Protection Report (Internet Industry)" looks at the status of brand protection of top 30 internet companies. 90% of internet companies seriously encounter trademark repetition. Weak protection in internet keywords, wireless websites and ".中国" domain names hinders the development of Chinese famous internet companies...
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· The judicial examination of an affiliated trademark similar to a prior trademark owned by another person Issue 51, By Liu Xiaojun Judge of the IP Division of the Beijing Higher People’s Court,[Patent]
I.The rule for examining an affiliated trademark application
An application for registration of an affiliated trademark involves a trademark whose applicant owns one or more identical or similar marks that have been previously registered or applied for in connection with the same or similar goods or services...
Among various IP right enforcement cases, those involving chemical manufacturing processes and trade secrets are deemed as the hardest to enforce by legal professionals. After a year of preparation and trial, the dispute between the American company Ashland and a Chinese chemical technology company over patent and trade secret infringement at last was settled under the mediation of court earlier this year.... More
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