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the 157th Issue: Global IP Filings Continue to Grow, China Tops Global Patent Filings

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People are increasingly sharing and obtaining information from a newly developing communication platform---microblog. Is microblog protected by copyright? Does an individual or a group infringe copyright by forwarding pictures on microblog?...
   A new WIPO report shows that while the global economy continued to underperform, intellectual property (IP) filings worldwide kept growing strongly in 2011. It also finds that China’s patent office became the largest in the world, as measured by the number of patent applications received. Before 2011, China already accounted for most filings of utility models (UMs), trademarks and industrial designs... More
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· Protecting a company’s GUI Issue 51, By Eric Liu IPR Director of ZTE,[Patent]
Nowadays, it’s hard to describe the 286 computer used in our age to the kids; the cold black screen, the blinking cursor and the riddle like coding, all appear to be so mysterious. However, thanks to the development of graphical user interface (GUI) technology, now the interface of electrical devices has become vivid and colorful. What’s more important,... More
· Status of GUI protection in different countries  Issue 51, By Li Xiaowu Lecturer of the Law School of Tsinghua University,[Patent]
With the intensification of economic globalization and the development of the network technology in the digital age, communication tools as well as related digital technology products have captured a wide range of audiences around the world.... More
· Combat in the GUI worldIssue 51,By Gu Ping and Li Zhanke, Partner and Lawyer of Zhong Lun Law Firm,[Patent]
The hardware technology of electronic product s has become more sophisticated and products of the same type have similar performance and functions for consumer. Therefore, design and graphic user interface (GUI) design have played the leading roles in the competition stage for various electronic products... More
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